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Company Manager - Covid Compliance Officer - Stage Manager

You made it to my website! I'm a big boy, Mom! 

I was born and raised in suburban Baton Rouge, Louisiana and always knew I needed the fast pace of the city life. I grew up singing and leading worship in my church before Musical Theatre found it's way to me! I was working as a spot light operator at my middle school when, opening night of a play, I was thrown into a role because one of the cast members fell sick. It was completely exhilarating and quickly became a hobby - and my eventual passion!


The Boston Conservatory found it's way to me as well. It was the first audition of my college career and wow, am I lucky to have been accepted. I was asked to sing 2 contrasting songs, and me in my inexperience, sang two contemporary MT songs - Spring Awakening and The Addams Family. The faculty in my audition actually recommended which legit cut I should sing for my audition package. Finally ready for the rest of my college tour, it just seemed fitting that this was going to be the place of best guidance for me! I have absolutely loved BoCo and I feel I have been shaped as a person here. I am proud to have become comfortable with my homosexuality and am proud to say I can now embrace a french tip! 

Besides musical theatre, I love cooking the recipes my family has taught me from gumbo to crawfish etoufee, knitting with my Nana, skiing with my Grandad, hosting Poker Nights on Tuesday Nights with my boyz, and giving fashion advice through my job at Club Monaco. I love to laugh and entertain! If we're being honest, I like to be the center of attention and found my niche by hosting appetizer nights - my Mardi Gras celebration was spectacular, if I do say so myself. I can't wait to have a living space large enough to host more of those (but we'll see what I can find in NYC) Call me corny, but one of my ultimate goals is to own a food truck featuring gourmet corn dogs with my sister. 

My aspirations are to travel while touring with a show, grow my acting training through masterclasses and acting companies, try my hand in film, and ultimately, affect the marginalized and segregated community of the south by starting a professional theatre company in my hometown.

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